I dont understand why I can’t seem to grow carrots. I even tried planting them in a different garden bed this time, and although everythign else in that bed is doing wonderfully… my carrots have yet to thrive.  Right now my four raised beds are full.

The largest of the four has two tomato plants, three melon plants (cantelop, honeydew and muskmelon), a handful of zucchini and yellow squash, including spaghetti squash! There were some little strawberry palnts in there as well but they suddenly dried up and died.  I have one lonely bush bean plant who seems to not mind he’s the only bean in the bed and has been producing wonderfully hearty green beans from day one!  I also have three pepper plants; a green bell, red sweet and habanero!  Oh and I cant forget the volunteer heads of lettuce!

The second lengthy raised bed has some younger zucchini seedlings, a couple squash and a cucumber bush. Smack dab in the middle is a hearty volunteer sunflower, however the wild birds seem to think its a chew toy and the poor thing has skeleton leaves as they are eating it from the inside out and it hasnt even bloomed yet!  It does continue to grow higher and higher though, despite being eaten daily.  the other side of this bed has a few short rows of baby sweet corn.  I swore to myself after the last season that I wouldnt plant corn again, it grew huge, the blossoms showered seeds everywhere and they took tons and tons of water just for a couple measly ears of corn that I could have gotten at the store for $1… but alas, here I am again planting corn for the kids to watch grow up taller than them… the things we do for our kids!

The two smaller garden beds have carious herbs, some broccoli and brussle sproud seedlings, a starving artichoke plant and a circle of bush beans!  My one bed has produced so many green beans its ridiculous!! good thing my girls love beans!  I am not quite sure though if ive done something wrong or they just start to fall over to the side when the produce big green beans… the seed pack and everythign ive read says i dont need to grow them vertically because they are the bush variety but dang it they are just falling overand laying flat, STILL growing huge beans, but they are really pathetic looking if you didnt happen to see the big yummy beans underneath!

Lastly, I have the broken kiddie pool… for some reason we decided to plant lettuce and raddishes in a broken pool and stick it in the ground.  the raddishes of course took OFF and have been harvested already, the lettuce however is taking its time but still seems to be happily growing in their little blue swimming pool.


whats growing in your garden?

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