Construction took SO much out of me!  I believe I have said it before and Ill say it again: I am not a patient person.

Waiting around for things to be delivered or built was incredibly stressful for me… but we got through it in one piece!!

Here are some photos from the last few weeks….


As you can see there was a tiny bit of blood shed during the designing of the Children’s Garden and the fence removal process… The Ranaldi Family firmly believes it is good luck when a little blood is lost during a job like this and once the sacrifice is made the job will go well from there on out… I laugh every time the Mr. Ranaldi’s of each generation mention this silly little superstition but hey, we all have something strange like that right?? hmm maybe its just us…

After we got the BEAUTIFUL compost delivered and put in the completed garden beds we had the new pipe corral panels delivered for the new and improved goat pen for Maxine and her October Babies!

This was a HUGE project as well! Notice I was the one who made the blood sacrifice lol and it was NOT voluntary!


I am so excited to get the Children’s Garden developed and better designed to be a wonderful, bright colored place for children to come play and have fun while learning about gardening.

Recenly we fixed the misting system in the old greenhouse and got some seeds started in there as well!



We are preparing for a wonderful Cool Season!

We still have a few jobs left to do around here to get things in order…

  • we are replacing the old oven and stove in the house
  • building a brick oven out side in the childrens garden
  • putting wire on the outside of the goat pen to protect the babies
  • setting up a small hydroponic system in the childrens garden
  • planting flowers along the boarder of the entire garden area
  • reinforcing the gates/fence with deer netting to assure the wild bunnies do not get any more free meals
  • creating signs for the property and street with our name and info
  • building picnic tables and benches for the children’s garden

Stay tuned because we have SO much going on right now, new things around every corner… something exciting is happening or changing every day! I can’t wait to share with you our next UPDATE!!


Thanks for your support!!

<3 RanaldiFamilyFarm

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