Just A Simple Day on the Farm:

Well today we let Geezer out and discussed letting him move in with Maxine.  He loves the dirt and enjoys hanging out with farm animals like he is one of the gang…he is a pig after all. So today he is a happy pig wandering around the farm munching on the happy weeds coming up after the rain and itching his belly on tree stumps…but he IS locked out of the garden.  NO Sir I will not allow you to eat the whole vegetable garden like I know you want to…

Speaking of the garden…We’ve had a death…my dear sweet pumpkins that managed to survive infancy and were into ttheir teenage stage just begining to mature and sooo close to being old enough to harvest…GOPHERS. …gophers came right up and ate them!!!

One thing is still alive and well in the garden though; my beautiful Ketchup and Mustard Rose bush!! The flowers are so vibrant and amazing. ..I cant wait to get more rose bushes put in!


Know who else is growing and maturing. ..and acting like they are constantly starving…our baby chicks! They couldnt even wait for me to put the feed down this morning, good grief!….silly little piggies. ..maybe I should stick them in with Geezer!

Nah… Munch Munch would be too lonely! 🙂

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