So yesterday Kaelob was goofing around in the bathroom and I opened the door to find out if he had his pajamas on yet and had brushed his teeth.  I pushed the door open and he stands there (with jammies on) staring at me like he got caught in the act of something.  My first thought is, “Oh god… really?… he’s not that old yet is he?? ugh.”

I mustered up the courage to ask, “what are you doing?”

He just looks at me with a guilty expression on his face and then glanced behind the door.  I followed his gaze to see one of my bras hanging on the hook. “What is your deal?” I asked him.  He looked at me so embarrassed and said, “Why do girls wear those things?”

I smiled and tried to think of a simple response… “Well girls don’t wear them, ladies wear them when they are only grown up.” Hoping maybe that would distract the ‘why’ part of the question.

His face changed from confusion to elated understanding… “Ooooohhhhh !!” he said ” I get it… because Haylee doesn’t have those things!” he says as he points with his finger and draws an imaginary box around my chest.  and as im thinking… “oh god” he continued his explanation…” her’s are tiny, but your’s are muuucccchhhh bigger. I guess  girls get those things when they grow up….but why??”

I couldn’t help but laugh and giggle a little… then, I sent him to his father.

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