The once lonely little girl
who heard only the echo of her own cries
broke through one day
from the shackles of her own lies
She opened up her heart
to the ones that stoodfast beside her
those sturdy walls she had built
like glass, began to shatter.
as she watched in disbelief
Years worth of pain and tears
were silently swept away
along with the rubble of her fears
Her heart began to heal
and she found herself  anxious to see
what it would be like
to build her very own family 
As time quickly passes
precious moments unfold
creating memories and fulfilling dreams
a true love story to be told
but she regretfully realizes
time passes all too quickly… and again
despite  her newfound identiy
as mother, daughter, wife and friend
The once lonely little girl
 has been hiding inside like flicklering  charcoal
burning with the quietly aching pain of her past
ignited by the still-broken pieces of her soul.
Unbelievable the amount of lonliness
that can overwhelm someone with a life so full
she overlows with love, happiness, joy and laughter
she closes her eyes and she lifts the wool.
the truth stands before her now
her costume gone, no where to hide
cloaked in wool, a wolf is a still a wolf 
surrounded by love, she is still broken inside.
when will the painful memories fade away?
when will the wounds of her past truly heal?


when will she no longer be afraid?
when will the once lonely little girl be able to say
she is not lonely anymore…




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