The Gift of Living

11-Twas the night before the tenth of December

11-A day our family all will remember

12-My stress filled days of worry come down to this

12-Four hours in surgery I don’t want to miss

12-My two children are nestled all snug in their beds

12-While visions of Christmas Care Bears dance in their heads

11-Mema enjoyed her free beer as a night cap

11-While papa lay on the sofa for a nap

11-Uncle Stefen channel surfed waiting to sleep

11-While my husband and I crawl under the sheets

12-I was full of nerves but knew what I was giving

12-My kidney was the ultimate Gift of Living.

12-Come morning everyone looked so uncertain

12-But I’m excited to step behind the curtain

11-The surgeons are waiting eagerly for me

11-And I am as ready as ill ever be.

11- When I come to, it feels like moments ago

11- The pain is minimal, surprisingly so

12- Typical for me, I wake up talking away

12- Mouth moving but I have no idea what I say

12-In no time at all in comes all my family

12-my daughter and son were too worried they’d hurt me

11-so hugs and kisses were minimal for now

11-but I knew later I would get them somehow!

11-A few hours passed and good news came to me

11-scott was doing well with his brand new kidney!

12-I was so glad to hear that it all went so well

12-and called everyone that I could think of to tell

12-Then we were moved to the 6th floor to get some rest

12- It seemed we were racing to recover the best

11-the nurses and doctors all stop in to chat

11- Wondering where his recovery is at.

11-Im thrilled to hear each of his reports come back

11-his blood pressure is down, no more pills at that

12-his creatnine dropped lower than its been in years

12-I can see behind the smiles- the joyful tears.

12-my little kidney did this, its crazy to see!

12-watching him get his life back is enough for me

11-Im grateful this Christmas I’m able to give

11-this simple gift that gave him the chance to live.

11-but before this ends you must understand this

11-I am a Christian who truly loves Jesus

12- I believe that I was given the ability

12- To truly love the world unconditionally

12-it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done

12-you deserve to be shown love just like anyone

11-we are asked to love each other, so I do

11-we are asked to help each other, so I do

11-humbly I say that’s all there was to it

11-my husband and I sat and talked for a bit

12-then when the blood test came back positive, it was true

12-i knew right away what I was going to do

12-my goal through all this is to help raise awareness

12-to take people who don’t know or couldn’t care less

11- And show them how simple donating can be

11- So they see how important this is to me.

11-So this Christmas as you all come together

11-please think of my family and remember

12-you can buy things each year and then keep on giving

12-but nothing gives better than the Gift of Living.

written by Rabecca Ranaldi
XMAS 2008

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