I over-shopped at Costco last week. Don’t even begin to judge me, we’ve all done it before…

So anyway, I’ve had a GIANT container of butternut squash in my fridge and a huge bag of green beans.  I have made pretty much everything with the squash including tossing some of it into my kids mac N cheese (which went surprisingly unnoticed!)  I sat here googling and trying to figure out something to do…

I scavenged through my pantry and found some black beans and rice.  I wasnt happy that most of the recipes I found involving black beans were spicy so I took the classic idea of stuffing with apples crammed into pork chops and used the rice and black beans instead and figured, hey, if the sweetness of apple can go good with pork so could butternut squash!  So chop chop mix mix and there ya go!

I added some garlic powder, onion powder some salt and pepper and a little Thyme to the mix while the rice was cooking as well.  once the mixture sat for 15/20min. to have the water cook in I sliced open a fat pork chop and stuffed the mixture into it and stabbed it with a skewer stick!  I sprinkled some seasoning salt pepper onion/garlic powder on the top and tossed it in the oven!


After it cooked for 30 min at 425 degrees I began the green beans.  I put a tbs of putter in a pan and tossed a handful of green beans in. They cooked in the hot butter for a minute or two, then I tossed in some minced garlic and mushrooms.  They only needed to cook for a minute or two when all the butter was cooked in and the pan was getting dry, i didnt want to just add water so i looked around and grabbed a bottle of white wine and dropped just like 1/4 cup or less in the pan. it sizzled and steamed and made my nose burn when I tried to smell it to make sure i hadnt just ruined it… but once the heat calmed down it looked and smelled wonderful!!  I took the pan off the heat sprinkled some pepper on top and was DONE!


Dish up and EAT!!

Okay ingredients??  Lets try this..adjust amount and servings according to how many people you are cooking for:

Pork chop

long grain wild rice

black beans

butternut squash

apples (i used honey crisp)

(garlic powder, onion powder, thyme salt pepper and whatever herbs you want to add in)

Green beans

mushrooms diced

minced garlic

butter (1 tbs or two)

1/4 c or less white wine or cooking white wine.

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