…what do you do every day?

To be honest I was caught off guard and couldn’t even think of how to explain my day at all. I sat there and thought… what the heck do I do all day??? I got angry because then it seemed like I just sat around with my feet up watching trash tv and sitting on facebook… that would be nice, but ya no…thats not my day.

Especially today.

I dont know if i should start my day with 2am when I finally fell asleep or the 3am when the dog was in my face bothering me to go out and go potty OR the 430am when she was bugging the crap out of me again and I kicked all three out for good. OR the 530am when Haylee came in wanting me to turn on the cartoons…I turned on the tv as she cuddled into my bed and I got up to take a shower. By the time I was out and dressed Kaelob was up and they were both ready for breakfast. While they ate their breakfast I walked down to let out grandma’s dogs, feed and let out the goats, feed the bunnies and let the chickens out.  I collected the eggs and walked back up to the house.

By this time its about 7-715am and His bus is going to arrive soon.  I made his lunch packed his back  pack, made sure his shoes and jacket were on and sent him out the door to school.  Then I made myself some coffee and sat down to upload about 100 pictures and edit 103 more that I had loaded last night for the PKD Auction about to happen on Saturday.

Around 8am Peytne started fussing so Haylee and I went in their room and got her up. The girls got dressed and ready to go.  While Haylee brushed her hair and packed her back pack Petyne sat at the table and ate her breakfast.

OH I forgot to add that all morning I had to keep Baron in the house because he was having surgery today and couldn’t eat or drink.  Haylee wouldn’t leave him alone and Peytne kept trying to feed him…

ANyway, by the time Haylee was done organizing whatever crap she decided to bring to school and however perfect she wanted her hairstyle to be today…we were ready to head out the door and load into the car.  We drove the 4 driveway’s south of our place and Baron babysat Peytne in the car while I happily dropped Haylee off with Gail. 🙂

It was 930am now and we needed to rush up to North Oceanside to drop Baron off and get back home in time to go down to grandma’s and do the weekly cleaning before she got mad (she’s been rather tempramental lately…more so than usual if ya know what I mean…)  I got stuck in a little traffic, but nuthing too terrible.  We arrived at the vet and I discussed with them a few concerns I had regarding some new bumps that were growing and the size of the original ones.  We took a few minutes to look over him again and discuss possible alternative plans but eventually returned to the idea of just removing the first lump and leaving the rest till later if they aren’t hurting anything.  I was confident I left him in good hands. Peytne gave him kisses and we walked out.

I called grandma on the way home to let her know I was running by the grocery store to pick up some food to make dinner’s for friends that needed a meal. it was about 11am by the time we exited the store and I was so dissapointed that I forgot to utilize the super spiffy deal startbucks had going on right now with buying an espresso drink before 11 and then getting half off later that day.  Oh well…I had coffee at home.  We rushed home, unloaded the groceries, took a moment to glare at my messy kitchen and sink full of dirty dishes before bolting out the door to clean grandma’s house.

Peytne walked down the driveway kicking through the chickens and hollering at “BUDDY and SAMMY!” (my grandma’s 13+ yr old golden retrievers).  Grandma was waiting for us in the garage and immediately had an agenda.  Although I clean her house EVERY Thursday morning, sh decided that on this particular morning sh ewanted to sit down and spend an hour making a  master grocery list like what Pop used to use for their grocery trips.  I can’t really argue with that… so to work we went.

Now it is 1145 (almost Peytne’s nap time) and I STILL need to get her cleaning done.  Grandma received a visitor about this time so Peytne followed me inside and played in the T.V. room while I changed her sheets, scrubbed the two downstairs bathrooms, dusted, vacumed and tidied up.

Around 1225 we were heading up the driveway for “nap time”.  If only that meant a nice cushy pillow and sleep for me… instead it meant frying pans and boiling water… I had three lasagna’s to make. Peytne ate lunch while I washed the dishes overflowing my sink then laid down for a nap.  I fried up some ground beef and italian sausage, mixed together some diced tomatoes, italian seasoning and garlic, a pinch of sugar and some tomato sauce….threw some noodles into casserole pan and WA-LA… lasagna’s were done.  I baked one, froze the second.  I cleaned up part of my mess and then grabbed my (3rd) cup of coffee and sat down to realize it was 230pm and Kaelob was about to be dropped off by the bus….I had JUST enough time to get a few emails answered and do some work on my spreadsheet for the auction.

I received a very needed but unexpected call from my best friend and we chatted about random stuff for a while.  But my conversation was interrupted when my dad called me on the other line.  I switched over thinking it would be a quick conversation but he was bothering me about things that really were non of his business, but he wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t meddle… however I could have done without the overreactions, the dramatic emotions and the hanging up on me in the middle of a conversation…oh well. by this time it was around 315pm and I needed to wake Peytne up and load them up to go get Haylee, drop off one lasagna for tonight’s dinner and then take Kaelob to Karate, oh ya and then pick up Baron from the vet.

Normally on Thursdays Haylee stays at school until after Kaelob’s karate class but because we were driving all the way back out to the vet I knew I wouldn’t be back in time to pick her up before 6pm, SO alas she came with us.  She took her sweet time loading her junk up into her backpack so we had to drop Kaelob off at karate first THEN go deliver the meal.  He didn’t seem to mind.  So, with kaelob happily participating in his class the girls and I took off to deliver the food.

We got back to Karate class around 5pm and while I listened to a voice mail my dad left me the girls ran around and played with the toys.  Class finished around 515 and after loading everything up we were hopping on the I-5 fwy fighting the northbound traffic around 530pm….racing the clock to pick up Baron before 6pm.

To my surprise we made it.  I expected it to be a quick pick up but when I opened the door and the vet tech at the front desk looked up and saw me… the look on her face said everything.  Apparently he wasn’t responding well to the anesthesia and they were worried about his recovery time so they wanted him to spend the night.  I had to turn the kids around all teary eyed and dramatic and drive home fighting the southbound traffic… thrilling…

645pm we got home so it wasnt TOO bad…but we still had to eat dinner and complete our bedtime routine, this is WAY behind schedule for my baby bears who are in bed BY 6pm usually.  We rushed through a simple dinner of bologna, string cheese and yogurt… brushed teeth, read stories, went potty, jammies on.. and then INTO BED> by 730 the house was quiet my feet were finally up and I was seriously contemplating a glass of wine but I had only one problem…I’m too afraid to open the bottle and no one is here to open it for me. <FAIL>

No wine for me…

Oh well, guess I will sip on my sprite watch some recorded TV and finish organizing pictures for our 1st ever online auction for the San Diego PKD Foundation!! …somewhere in the back of my mind I am still thinking about the 12 page research paper I need to finish this week as well…ugh. Oddly enough as exhausted as I am there really wasn’t a lot of fighting, with the exception of personal space issues in the car while driving around…normally there’s much more screaming, much more tears, much more running, hitting, yelling and frantically crying over nothing…  normally

Welcome to a day in my life.

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