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“A beautiful thing is never perfect.”

In the Ranaldi household, we love to craft and Christmas time is the perfect excuse to drag out all the glitter, paint, ribbons and bows.  Here are just a few examples of some fun, inexpensive projects you can do with your kids this Christmas!

1. Christmas Wreath


Every craft store carries those fake pine wreaths and you can find some simple red, white and gold silk flowers from the sale section in Michaels. I use my pink handled wire cutters to snip the flowers off the stems and glue them with my trusty glue gun to the wreath.  Top it off with some little ornaments or jingle bells and a big beautiful bow.

for this one I got a twisted twig wreath and I used these clear ornaments I had bought the year before so the kids could make personalized ornaments, but never used them. I added some white sand to look like snow and some little foil presents an hung it from the center of the wreath.


2. A felt Christmas Tree (or Nativity)


So this brilliant idea came from my mother in law looking for something fun and hands-on for our toddler to be able to play with during our family Christmas celebrations.  Not only did this project provide a great activity for the kids during the holiday, but also a fun project for them to decorate (and cut) snowflakes, ornaments and gift packages to put ON the tree.


Who knew felt was SO much fun to play with! Felt sticks to felt so we took a LARGE piece of green felt and cut out the tree, then shopped for various colors, some were even sparkly already and we cut out different ornament shapes and let the kids decorate them with glue and glitter.  We also got a little extra crafty and made this 7 car train that the kids could take off the tree one by one and put back on.  They loved it! Please note that this could be a great project if you also wanted to test your crafting skills and create your very own Nativity for the wall.

3.Photo Quote Frames

My husbands family takes ALL their photos and collectibles off the walls at Christmas time and EVERYTHING Christmas goes up, so sometimes I feel like I am lacking some unique touches of my own.  A little frame like this from the dollar store, a few extra silk flowers and ribbon from your wreath project, some Christmas card stock and some handy dandy vellum quotes make up this cute personalize decoration!

4.Mason Jar Snow Globe


The fun part of crafting is always the mess right?? Let me tell you.. painting our little homegrown pine cones was definitely messy, but a lot of fun. Add fake snow filler, glue a fuzzy ball to the top to make a star and some more little foil presents around the bottom of the “tree”.  I wrapped some burlap around the lid of the mason jar and added a bow… Wa -La! …Adorable!



What are some of your favorite craft projects to do during the holidays?


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