Snuggle My Soul


There are only a few moments like this one:

where everything stops

I close my eyes and breathe.

And  my soul fills to completion.


Like a puzzle made with love

each piece coming together

perfect, snug, and  complete,

I just cant get enough.


I squeeze her a little tighter

her face tucked in gently against my neck

I feel her breathe and relax against my chest

my heart feels instantly fuller.


she lets out a  little sigh

and snuggles even closer

I smile as my soul overflows with peace

overcome with joy… I cry.


I cant help but feel whole

something I never knew I was missing

until she holds me tight

until I feel her relax in my arms

until I hear her breathing against  my chest

Until she falls sound asleep

…and snuggles my soul.

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