OK so Have I mentioned I have a battle with leftovers in this household? Both my dear husbad AND chilren seem to think that once is enough and if they’ve already eaten something for dinner they just couldn’t possibly eat it again… unless I manage to magically transform it into something completely different…

And thus the creation of Smokey Turkey Chili.

We smoked our turkey this year in my grandfathers Komado from Japan, like we’ve done almost every year since his passing.  It smells amazing all day long and my favorite part as a child was getting to constantly baste the turkey with a buttery herb mixture. Sharing that experience with my children brings back so many memories.


But in the end, we are left with a large deliciously smoked turkey that no one seems to want to eat as leftovers… so I put my creative culinary skills to work and resorted to the crock pot. 🙂 When I think of smokey flavor, I think of Chili… although My husband would prefer ground beef in his Chili, I thought this idea was brilliant!


I used White Beans and Pinto Beans as I would in a white chicken chili, but you can use whatever beans you want.  I diced the turkey into bite size pieces, threw in some bell pepper, stewed tomatoes, some garlic and onions, some broth and Chili powder then let it cook!  By dinner time that night we had a pot full of delicious chili for dinner with a wonderful smokey flavor!

The great thing about Chili is you can use whatever seasoning and add-ins you want!  How do you make your chili?

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