I’ve got to admit I am baffled by some of the comments in this sweet pup’s file.  He has not destroyed anything (although a few times he’s picked up a kids sand toy and pranced around the yard with it then shortly after dropped it right back where he go it from), he has only had one accedent in the house which was most likely because we hadn’t offered to take him out, he has even reduced the amount of whimpering and crying he does when left alone in the yard or laundry room.  ALready in just a day and a half he has made SO much improvement.  

We are hoping to  ween him off this medication he is on and allow him the freedom to express his anxiety, excitement and whatever other doggy emotions come next.  I honestly don’t think he is that much different than a regular hyper active puppy… simple discipline and a little extra love and attention has made such a huge difference in him in such a short time. I cant wait to see his true personality -minus the medication- .

I would like to take a moment to show you a few video clips… FIRST here is a little clip of Shermon playing fetch.  He can play ball ALL day long, and night if you let him… He drops it right away for you and eagerly waits for you to throw it again.  He is not aggressive towards other dogs playing with him either, which is really great!

I took another video tonight… I was thinking how I could show another positive side to Sherman boy despite his hyper side and the crazy spastic way he reacts to things… As I was thinking about this he began snoring loudly beside me.  I thought to myself MAYBE if I wake him up and ask him to follow a couple simple commands he will actually obey and show people that, despite being a young hyper GSP he is incredibly brilliant and just wants to please you. **Eric was quick to tell me I disobeyed rule #1 of dog training, apparently I repeated the command too many times, but hey in my defense he was half asleep and I was just trying to make sure he heard me lol**

…OKAY time for bed, pups are all in here snoring away soundly.  Good night all!!

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