when my third child (second daughter) was born I remember sitting on the couch, drugged from lack of sleep, covered in spit up, dirty diaper wrapped up still sitting on the arm of the couch because I was too delirious and exhausted to walk all the way into the kitchen to throw it away, and staring mesmorized; in awe of my infant daughter.  I knew all too well how the wrinkles on her toes would soon smooth out and get bigger, more grown up like… maybe even don some pink nail polish one day… the chunks on her thighs, under her arms, her triple chin… all of it would soon change and they would only be a memory.  Some of my favorite memories of my children involve the kisses I gently placed on their chubby little feet or watching silentely as they breathed heavily in their sleep and their beautiful long, flawless eyelashes fluttered as they dreamed… SO as I sat there in a daze I decided to take pictures of it all and titled the album “A few of my favorite things”. (A few of my favorite things)

I decided last night as Sherman snored heavily while laying limp and completely relaxed on top of my lap, that I would take a few similar pictures.

His cute little squishy nose. Not as wet as one might think… and the little soft fuzzy part of his mouth that is fun to tickle when he is sleeping.

His little white whisker. Part of me sees it and wants to pluck it out like it shouldn’t be there and the other part of me thinks it’s the most adorable thing ever.  It was one of the first things I noticed about him when he walked up to us… it adds personality to his face, all brown and speckled and then this big PURE WHITE whisker poking out to the side…

Most puppies have big ole bear paws that don’t fit their body and make them clumsy and oafy… Sherman isn’t like that.  His paws fit him, a petite little boy with soft dainty feet.  They are not small by any means but he has silky fur poking out between the pads of his feet and unlike most GSP’s he seems to LOVE having them played with.  He will lay on his back in my lap and let me rub the pads of his feet and play with those soft fuzzy hairs between his toes.

Just imagine that you can hear the snoring now…  In true “puppy” fashion he can go from wrestling with you on the living room floor or  excitedly begging for his evening meal to snoring, mouth wide open sprawled out on your lap.  I have seen dogs sleep with their eyes open but never flat out on their back, mouth open, teeth and tongue hanging out like this… he was completely zonked out because I was messing with his lips and tugging gently on his tongue and he didn’t even budge. I guess a pup who plays hard, sleeps hard. 🙂

His happy smile… can you see it?? I know when people smile you see their teeth, but I believe when a dog smiles you see their tongue… plus if a dog were to smile showing their teeth (which I have seen actually) it looks kind of scary… I LOVE seeing a rescued dog smile.  To me it means that he is help-able. yes I just made that word up.  What I mean is, a dog that cowers and shakes around people or shows severe signs of neglect or abuse and doesn’t “smile” is going to be one of those dogs that is really hard to help.  When we heard there was a dog having SUCH major anxiety issues that he had to be removed from the general adoption ward and placed in a private building where no one ever visited to possibly adopt him we thought we were getting a sad, nervous shy dog who wouldn’t be able to fit into the regular population at the rescue.  We were gladly mistaken… see the smiling face?? Watch him at the rescue running and playing with the other dogs and you would never know the pain and lonliness he’s faced the last 5+ months of his life.

*These are just a FEW of my favorite things*

IF you are interested in adopting him (or ANY dog) go to


And a BIG thank you to the SD SPCA for letting us know he needed our help and allowing us to come pick him up. He is a JOY to have in our home.

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