I think everyone has felt broken at some point in their life.

I know growing up with my family, I felt broken and lost and was constantly reminded of my place in that house.  I was who they said I was, I had to act how they said I should act and if I didnt they were angry at me, even if I did they were dissappointed in me… now years later I can see it wasn’t because of anything I did wrong or could have done better…

Despite the volitile and abusive envoronment I grew up in, I slowly discovered how to be my own unique person.  Over time, slow-continuous healing and reoccuring challenges… I developed a strong, independant identity and vibrant passion for life that embraced the entire mission statement behind who I have become…

…I rose from the ashes of my past, embracing the new beautiful creature of my present.  Like a Phoenix who resurrects from the smoldering ashes of death, each time more beautiful than before, each time stronger and bigger than the last…

If we can ever find beauty and purpose in the pain of our past, let it be in the Phoenix of our present; our strength, our courage, our qualities that developed as a result of the trials and journey we’ve been through.

Are you having trouble seeing the beauty? Are you having trouble finding your strength and discovering the power of being reborn from the ashes of your past?

I have a GREAT event for you, led by two incredibly inspirational women; Renee Kohn  and Felena Hanson.   Yes You may recognize Renee Kohn from San Diego 6 News, but did you know she spent years of her early life in emotional turmoil and battling to find and believe in her own self worth? Now she is on the other side of her journey and here to help you discover the beautiful strong woman that you are and stop listening to the negative voices in your head (or your life) telling you otherwise.   Felena Hanson is a courageous survivor of traumatic and devastating life events and indipendant business woman who has committed her life to inspire other women to live life to it’s fullest and find the strength to never take no for an answer whenever they have the desire to achieve greatness.

This event is going to take place over a series of workshops throughout the evening of April 3rd, from 6pm to 830pm at Hera Hub, San Diego.  Tickets are only $39 if you purchase them online NOW. or $49 at the door.

This is going to be an amazing, inspiring, and healing event and I hope to see you there!

CHeck out San Diego Bargain Mama for more information about the Event.



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