Meet Raj.

Say Cheese Raj!!

Yes, I know… the name is a little odd.

WE did not name him…I am told the people who transported him or rescued him did.

I am not quite sure what the connection was but so far I don’t think it fits him.  Eric seems to have come to terms with the odd name choice mainly becuase of his favorite show Big Bang Theory and the character on the show also named Raj.  The possibility that his name was a direct result of mutual interest in the amazingly humorous tv show has apparently helped him accept that yes, this sweet baby’s name is (for now) Raj.

This boy is unique, not only because of the name but the way he looks, his developing personality, and his background story…

I am told, a distress call went out in West Hollywood because a dog was locked in a car.  When Animal Control got there and got him out Police found a lot of drugs and money locked in the car too.  Clearly they would be stupid to come claim this sweet puppy from the shelter, OR they’d have to have a really really good explanation! 

No one claimed him.  

Actually that’s not entirely correct. We have claimed him. The CA GSP Rescue happily took this goofy boy in and brought him down so that our family could foster him util he found a forever family to love and care for him forever.

As you can see…. he loves two things… to be WITH people and to sleep. 🙂  That’s not to say he doesnt love it outside as well, but BOY does he love to claim a spot on the couch, floor, bed, lap…. and STTtttrrreeeeccchhhhh out and get comfy. He is such a sweet, happy boy.

He perks up, wags his tail and runs around inspecting every little nook and cranny of the yard. He loves to follow our chickens back and forth to make sure they dont attempt to cross the boundary line into “his” part of the yard.  He hasn’t worked up the nerve to get too close to our mama goat but BOY is he sure curious.  He will inch he way close to her when her back is turned but as soon as she turns around, or rams the fence with her horns he leaps backwards and runs to the opposite side of the yard. 

They say he is about 5 years old, but we call him our big baby. He is sweet mannered but has a tail that wags a million miles an hour and has springs in his feet when you run and play with him outside. There is still a lot of puppy in this boy and a lot of love in his heart for the family who adopts him. 

He snuggles, he snores, he buries his head into you, he sits RIGHT on your feet, he trips over himself, he doesn’t lick, he has big paws, he watches everything you do (which includes staring at us through the window when he’s outside), he is gentle with children, he gets along great with other dogs, he obeys general commands, he will sit by the back door keeping an eye on things if he knows we are in the back of the house, he rarely barks… did I say he was a happy dog???

Come on… Who could resist this face?

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