So today was quite an experience and as I sit here eating my onion rings and Corndogs made by my trusty toaster oven I reflect on it all….

For everyone who has looked at their body in disgust, whined that they were too fat, used crazy diets and exercise routines to try and lose weight, to anyone who has compared themselves to unrealistic images in the media or thinks that they legitimately have a right to complain…

You know nothing.  How dare you complain or pity yourself.

Today I saw women fighting for their lives, women stripped of their privacy, women starving themselves to the point where their body no longer knows what to do with food when it finds it, women who have lost all control, women who are scared and lost and fear the future.  These women can not breathe without a staff member being beside them. Every cabinet, door and appliance is locked up with a pad lock.  All of their personal items are behind these locks as well; they have to ask permission to retrieve the simplest things… a music player,  a book, a hairbrush, a tampon… how degrading.  Even more so is the fact that when they go to the restroom they are required to leave the door a foot open with a staff member watching through the crack then show said staff member the toilet before flushing and allow them to also stand there and watch as they wash their hands before leaving the restroom.  These women are given specific portions of protein, fat, starch and so on…. they are dished out and eaten 100% NO exceptions.  Even every staff member is required to eat 100% of the meal that is served. If you dont like onions, TOO BAD. If you dont like chicken, TOO BAD.  you eat it, ALL of it.

These women have given up every privacy in their lives and any sense of control in their lives to try and battle a serious, life threatening dissability that has taken them over.  Next time you look at your body and think you need to lose weight or look at your food and think, Oh thats not on my diet…. think of these women and think how much happier they could be now if they were able to stop these thoughts and habits when it all first began and learned to be happy with themselves, be content with the way God made them…. Love their bodies, LOVE themselves…..

So as I sit here eating my Onion Rings and Corndogs, I admit I have some flaws and imperfections that glare back at me in the mirror but I refuse to let them rule my life.  I embrace my imperfections and know that God loves me, all of me, exactly the way I am.  I hope that you can too.

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