So there has been a lot happening on the farm lately…

My lady hens have been molting… so much so, a few times there I thought I had lost one to an intruding Coyote but when I did my rounds and counted them they were all there.  We have had insaine humidity these last few weeks as well as temperatures up in the 80s and 90s which also leads my once happy hens to be a bit finicky and choose to stop laying, OR lay down on the bottom of the coop instead of the nesting box.  Hopefully the weather calms down a bit here and I can clean out the aviary and move my hens all around for our new roosters we are getting from my daughters preschool.  I am hoping

Do you remember seeing my post about  our bees? Well they have been happily coming an going from the hive and I am SO excited to learn more about them and care for them.  They are such fascinating creatures and will provide endless opportunities once I start procuring honey from the hive.  They are so amazing to watch I can;t wait until that first time we get to open up the hive and peek in.  and yes, I will be SURE to post pictures!!

We have been planting in the garden, FINALLY all my garden beds are full. I can’t wait to see the plants grow now that we’ve put netting up to keep the rabbits out. Let’s hope it works, because I just planted the whole garden and Ill literally cry if it all gets eaten like my green beans and kale did. Especially the ones I grew from seeds in the greenhouse.  We’ve got carrots, beets, 3 kinds of cabbage, bok choy, swiss chard, Kale, raddishes, pumpkins green beans, spinach… These next few months will be so exciting!  Thank you to some great friends and family who have taken time out to bring by some seeds, some starters and given up their precious time to come over and help me work in the garden. I appreciate ALL of your help.

Even Maxine seems happier. I still have this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that this ‘pregnancy’ will turn out false and October will come and go and she wont have any babies, despite all the signs and symptoms pointing to her truly being pregnant… we shall see… we shall see…

Oh and remember our little hummingbird friend? The one that keeps perching on our clothesline right out side the front door? Well… sorry to dissappoit ya’ll but Kaelob has decided he gets to name him so… introducing our newest friend of Ranaldi Family Farm:


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