Over the last few weeks we have learned a few new things about Mr. Willy Wonka the wonder dog. Please, let me share them with you.
1. Willy has ZERO respect for personal space. Upside: the kids LOVE it. Downside: willy in in need of some crazy strong breath mints! I would like to report however that, despite the personal space issue… He does eventually calm down and come to some sort of spacial agreement that is usually acceptable. 🙂

2. Have you ever seen a dog leap in the air and spin 360 degrees?? Willy can! When we arrive home after a long day of errands, school and other activities we are greeted by all of the animals on the farm. Willy’s greeting tops them all. Who can’t smile and giggle to themselves when they see a dog spinning in circles??

3. Oh the sleeping habits of a dog.  Some dogs curl up into tiny little balls (like our Hanna) Some dogs prefer to sleep on the floor (like our Bailey) and some…. well, some sleep like this…

4. Note to any future adopters…. ANY and ALL computer work is pretty much impossible when Willy is around…Unless you don’t mind sharing your keyboard with his face….Good thing he has a cute face! 🙂

5. Willy also happens to be a night owl. He tends to take a longer than his foster mommy and daddy…to wind down at bedtime. And even better, he knows exactly how to get in your way when you try to ignore him and go to bed anyway too. 🙂

6.Willy has the personality of a puppy…no scratch that the personality of a child, the type of child who manages to still play and have fun while in time out.  Our laundry room has been the perfect “quiet place” for Willy. Typically he lays down and is quiet, but sometimes we hear him trying to have fun and rearrange the room; a bump agaisnt the washer, a thump against the wall… its not THAT small of a room but sometimes it sounds as though he is trying to get comfortable but just cant find the space to do so. One night I heard him thumping around in there again and when I opened the door this is what I saw:

Clearly, He is very talented… can your dog do this?? lol

7. Willy has become the resident stuffed animal theif. He doesnt exactly “kill” them, but he slobbers them up real good and chomps on a plastic nose or eyebll or two then falls asleep all cuddled up with it. Of course at that point none of the kids want to claim it back, so poor thing gets thrown in the trash.

8. Willy is a serious dreamer. He chases birds, rats, lizards…anything you can think of during the day… at night who knows what hes dreaming of but boy does he growl! Sometimes he wakes himself up, he looks around the room then passes out again. I can’t help but laugh when I see my other two doggies get woken up by his growling.  The look at him like hes the weirdest dog they’ve ever seen and I swear if dogs could roll their eyes, that’s exactly what they’d do too.

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