SO I think it’s funny that I am about to offer up the type of recipe that I loathe.

Well, not entirely.. I have a few pictures lol.  But the measurements will be: a little of this, a dash of that, handful of this, scoop of that…. its all based on your preference.  I can’t even tell you to base it on taste because I am that  crazy person who loves to cook but does not taste her food until it is done and ready to be served on a plate.  Odd I know, but somehow it works out just fine. Ill smell the pot on the stove or the food in the oven but I dont taste a thing until its all done.

Anyway, I was given a bunch of ground beef and thought to myself, “perfect! Ill make meatloaf” Usually I make it with ground turkey but what the heck its been a while and Ive got all this ground beef to use up. After tossing the ground beef in the bowl I realized I didnt have any breadcrumbs…what was I going to do?? I could make it without, but I like a little extra flavor to the meat rather than just beef taste.  Luckily I found in my fridge a tupperware with some freshly made stuffing!! I thought hmmm this could be great! and gues what?! IT WAS!! I am sure you can use the box of unprepared stuffing as well, but if you happen to have some leftover this is a great idea!! (cuz honestly what else can you do with leftover stuffing???)

Anyway, heres the recipe:


2lbs or so of ground beef

1 container stuffing (prepared or not)

1 packet meatloaf seasoning (you dont NEED this but i like some extra flavor)

1 spoonfull minced garlic

a few dashes of italian seasoning

a dash or two garlic powder/garlic salt

a few dashes of pepper

2-3 eggs

a couple squirts of ketchup

MIX everything together in a large bowl then dump into casserole dish or meatloaf pan. I cook it at 375 for 35min covered (so it doesnt dry out) THEN turn oven up to 400-425 and drizzle ketchup across the top of the meat and put it back in for about ten minutes uncovered. (just to crunch up the top layer a bit) Let it cool for a few minutes then slice away!!  🙂

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