Every Year I have thought to myself, “I am going to exercise more” or “I am going to loose weight” or “I am going to eat healthier” and yet… the new year comes and goes without any permanent change.  Sometimes I get into a groove and start the new year out well and then a few months in all my progress and momentum dwindles down like a fire loosing steam.

This year however, I am starting out having already lost 37lbs, completely changed my diet AND have a very active exercise regimin in place.  Not only have I lost two ‘dress’ sizes but I currently run 3 miles a day, atleast 4 days a week and feel the healthiest I have ever felt in my life.  I am going into this new year with hope and anticipation knowing all the possibilities 2015 has to offer!  In just a few months I have managed to make many positive changes that have been so wonderful to see unfold.  Watching the weight fall off and see the transformation that has come about as a result of all my hard work has been so rewarding.  I feel stronger than ever before and I am fired up to keep this momentum going far into 2015.

My body is not the only thing that is new, but my mind has also recieved a makeover. I never thought I was strong enough or disciplined enough to stick with something this strict and challenging.  Running itself is a mental challenge. Arguing with myself on wether or not to run at all today, then once I get myself dressed and tie my shoes I have to talk myself through finishing the full 3 miles.  The entire time I battle with myself and fight to keep going.  Then once I make it through to the end I am filled with joy, pride and excitement.  The battle within myself is what impresses me the most and gives me hope for the new year.  I am winning. I am stronger and better for it.  I am ready for any challenge, any fight that comes my way.

Are you interested in making changes too? Let me know!! I would love to help you, encourage you, support you.  I wish you Peace and Happiness for the new year.  Take a moment tomorrow to go to your Happy Place (ours is on the water, so we will be spending our New Years Day on a beautiful boat toasting together to the new year)  take a moment to think/pray and figure out what changes you want to make for the new year.  Is it to be healthier? Is it to start exercising? Is it to loose weight? Is it to have less stress or find peace??  I bring you hope, ALL of these things are possible and VERY achievable.


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