I remember five years ago today EXACTLY what I was doing ….. do you? I was in labor. My precious little Haylee bug (who wasn’t all that little by the way, weighing in at just over 9lbs!)

She had me running for my  money from the very begining. She didnt want to sleep on a schedule, she didnt like drinking out of a buttle and didnt like certain formula’s…although I compared her to Kaelob, she was different in every way!

It is mind blowing to think that she is ALREADY 5 years old!!   Rather than typing up a  long email I figured I would just show pictures of the last 5 years of her life!!!! Enjoy!

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  1. So sweet! No greater gift than love and boy is she a little girl full of love 🙂 Happy birthday Haylee and Happy anniversary to you Rebecca- an important date and you should be congratulated for your hard work 5 years ago- and for the last five years 😉

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