So today, amongst all the craziness going on Eric and I decided we would have a nice romantic, relaxing dinner after the kids went to bed…So I went grocery shopping and bought two beautiful tri-tip steaks, two large brown potatoes, sour cream, cheese and green onions for baked potatoes.  I got radishes and various salad fixings, two fresh ears of corn on the cob, and two bottles of Martinellis sparkling cider (one of which shattered on my driveway while unloading). Turns out the occupants in my grandparents guest house were officially being served by the San Diego Sherriff Department sometime today and Eric was being used as the voluntary body guard for my scared, confused and angry grandparents.  ANYWAY, this post is about FOOD, not LIFE :)…. SO, because of the circumstances Eric was there all night last night AND all day today which then led into the evening as well.  Surprise surprise! Our wonderful dinner got postponed… however due to the fact that my wonderful caring husband just got home from working for MONTHS away from home and living on fast food I agreed to try and cook something tonight.

So I got to work looking for some magical combination of refidgerator inhabitants!  I probably could have used something I bought at the store, but wanted to save them for our special dinner that has been postponed; NOT canceled! I had some chicken thawed in the fridge; coincidently i had thawed it out for chicken tacos Monday evening at my grandparents. I brought everything down there but forgot the chicken!  I also had a single can of cream of chicken soup… a small 8oz can.  I decided to make a chicken casserole.  However I don’t have a name for it yet….


Here are the Ingredients:

4 boneless chicken breasts

dash of pepper, salt and garlic powder

1 cont. Margaritaville Artichoke Jalepeno Garlic Dip

small bag frozen vegetables

1can cream of mushroom soup

1/2-1c milk

Crust Topping

1c Bisquick

1c milk

2 eggs

3tbs melted butter

1c shredded cheese

I am one of those cool people that have what’s called a Grill Pan. I love it because I can use it for dishes that I want to cook without having to turn on our propane BBQ.  Anyway, grill your chicken in whatever pan or grill you choose. 🙂  I sprinkled the chicken as it cooked with some pepper, garlic powder and salt.  Then slice the chicken in strips, cubes or shredded…

Then I took the cream of chicken soup and frozen vegetables and added it with a little milk in a medium size bowl.  I felt like it needed some sort of additional flavor and found a small container of Artechoke Jalepeno Dip I bought a week or so ago and found it to be quite spicy…too spicy for me.  I thought this would add a good flavor that Eric would appreciate and maybe combining it with the cream of chicken soup it would mellow out the jalepeno heat. Then when its all mixed together add the chicken and mix it some more then pour the entire mixture into a casserole dish.

Then in another bowl combine the ingredients for the crust topping.  It will be like a very lumpy pancake consistency. Pour it over the top of the chicken and vegetable mixture.  Bake in the oven @400 degrees for 30 minutes or until top is golden brown.

Its beautiful I know 🙂

I hope if you try this that it works out just as beautiful for you.  I have NEVER made this before, nor have I ever seen a recipe for something like it…however it turned out very nice.  It still had a slightly strong Jalapeño kick to it, but it wasn’t bad.  The only thing I would change is add a little more milk to the chicken and vegetable mixture so that after baking all the juice isn’t consumed by the biscuit topping…but Eric disagrees and says he wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂  try it out for yourself…. we have left overs too because it is SOO filling!!

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