So the summer time is aproaching… that means it is time for MELONS!!!  Watermelons, Honeydew Melons, Muskmelons, Canary Melons, San Juan Melons,  even Cantelopes (poor thing didnt get to fit in namewise for some reason with his ‘melon’ siblings) ….  But sometimes the problem with melons are the fact that you get SO many, and sometimes they are very large.  If you are anything like me, you can only eat so much watermelon… in fact, I dont actually care for watermelon very much at all, butI do love so many others.  SO, I saught out a new way to use these wonderful summer melons and a good jam recipe came to mind…. or is it Jelly?!


I cracked open a watermelon, picked out the seeds I could easily grab, blended it with some passion fruit juice and then tossed it in a pot with some sugar and lemon juice. YUM!  Of course it was much more liquidy than normal ‘jelly’ starts so I had to boil it a tad bit longer, but it tastes delicious!!


Next I used a beautiful Canary Melon that was on sale at the local grocery store for 99 cents!! Cant beat that right?! And you get SO much meat out of one melon!! Anyway, I wanted to find something strong and kind of tart to pair with the soft flavor of the canary melon so I picked Peaches, plus they kind of went with the ‘yellow’ theme.   It turned out wonderful as well!!

Would you like to buy some Jam/Jelly?? AWESOME!! Contact me and lets get you hooked up!!

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