Well life is just full of surprises, one of them being Baron. Meet Baron:

I don’t even know how old he is or what his backstory is becuase Baron is not the dog we thought we were getting…  Let me explain.

We were given a list of available dogs that need foster homes but we turned around and said,  “Oh no, you pick!” We didn’t feel right picking a dog to foster when we don’t know them as well as the rescue volunteers …SO they emailed back and said “Okay we’ve got the perfect dog for you guys! Her name is Bonnie and she is about 10 years old, come get her tomorrow~!” Woo hoo!!! I packed our doggies up and the baby and headed out on the hour long drive out to the Rescue.

When I got there (I was a little early) no one was there. The person I was going to meet was running late (understandably, heck usually I am the one running late lol) Anyway, the only person there was the lady who runs the place and lives there. She informs me as I am standing there that she wants to keep Bonnie there and give me a different dog…


SO here are some pictures of bringing Baron Home 🙂 Although he isn’t who we expected to get…I think we are pretty happy anyway!

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