“You have the will, the soul, the heart…

But, I always knew you would

I watch you while you’re sleeping

So still, so calm, serene

Once you step upon 

That football field

You’re one powerful machine…”


First let me express how incredibly honored I am to have such a wonderful group of family and friends supporting my baby boy.  Each day that he gets older the more and more I get frightening glimpses of the amazing man he will become… and then I realize how much I am NOT ready to let him grow up.  Watching him play a sport I worried he would  never be ready for, listening to him talk about how much fun he had… it warms my heart immensely. I am SO proud of him and am blessed by so many of you who have supported him financially in his quest to win the first prize from the LCC Pop Warner League Fun Run.

THANK YOU. From the top all the way to the bottom of my heart, Thank You.

We truly will Pay This Forward.


This morning I opened his door to see what he was doing so quietly in there, alone…

He was hunched over on the floor whispering to himself moving things around underneath him. He sat up and I saw the objects he was moving around were hot wheels cars. They were spread out in two different lines and he was moving them one at a time and then shifting the other’s depending on which one he moved first. Then he put them all back where the started and did it over again.
I said, “what are you doing buddy?”

He eyes glistened with pure joy and he smiled at me…

“my cars are playing football mommy!”

…my heart melted.

He was SO proud of “his team” for beating his dad’s “old team”… although daddy is very adamant that it was at least a tie, if not “the other team” won.  Oh well, the boys embodied the #1 rule today and there is no doubt in my mind that as I watched them come jumping and cheering off the field at the end of the last play

they had fun.

Kaelob told me before bed tonight, “Mommy, Evan and I were like real football players today.”

I thought to myself that it would be because they tackled the opposing players and got tackled themselves, or “flattened like a pancake” as they say…but nope, it was because of how they cheered on another teammate who got an interception and ran it down the field for a tremendous touchdown.

“We yelled GO GO GO!! and then when he got the touchdown, Evan and me bumped chests and patted each other on the shoulder pads. We were real football players mommy!”

…where has my baby boy gone???…


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