*So they started out singing their version of the song “Shapoopie” from the Music Man which we just recently went and saw (friday).*

Then Haylee says…

“Hey Kaelob, did you know that one of the boys that was in the Music Man’s band said Hi to me?….I bet it’s because he thinks I am beautiful.” -H

“huh, maybe you can marry him one day Haylee.”-K

“No Kaelob, I want to marry you…because I love you.”-H

“No no no ┬áHaylee, there are many rules but this one rule is important: Jesus made us so that we marry a boy and a girl but the one rule is ‘you DONT marry your brother or your sister’…you just cant.”-K

“oh. well… maybe I will find a boy to marry someday then.”-H

“yeah, and Im going to find a beautiful girl to marry. I like beautiful girls. I always wanted to find a beautiful girl that I am to marry. then we will have kids.”-K

*Then they both look at me as if I am supposed to validate this conversation….*

“Yes, yes children ONE DAY you will find a beautiful person Jesus wan’ts you to marry lol one day, but NOT today so let’s talk about something much less intense during lunchtime okay?”

“SHapoopie…shapoopie….shapoopie….” K & H

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