I am celebrating something tonight.

I am celebrating something silly and simple but to me it’s a big deal And I am I credibly grateful for the opportunity.

I made my husbands lunch.

Yes you heard me… Before going to bed as I put away the leftover food from The dinner I strategically planned for him I set aside some of the leftovers for my husbands lunch for work tomorrow. I put the Tupperware in a plastic bag and put an apple in it with some string cheese and a granola bar. I was missing something I felt so I hardboiled some eggs real quick and put them in there with some salt and pepper in a zip lock. I cut up some bananas and froze them a long with some acai juice and apple juice in ice cube trays for a smoothie in the morning and set out the instant oatmeal I bought at the store this morning…

It’s crazy I know but I LOVE being able to make his lunch. Even if I have to wake up at three am before he goes to work it’s one of those silly “normal” married people things I wish I could do on a regular basis of he could just come home each evening after work instead of live in a hotel room -11 months out of the year.

We decided the two. Hour commute to work and sometimes longer commute home after a 12 work day is worth it if he can come home to a home cooked meal and his own bed. I’m sure he’s. celebrating a lot of things tonight as he has already set his computer back up in our bedroom and sprawled out in the bed snoring peacefully away… But me?

I am celebrating making his lunch .

Do you take the time to make your husbands lunch for work? If you have the opportunity to love your husband un such a simple yet rewarding way…don’t take it for granted, not all of us get that chance.

Make his lunch tomorrow and smile about it. leave him a dorky note with lipstick on it or a little snack you know he likes….

Love your husbands boyfriends significant others… Love your children! Don’t just throw things in a bag or box and slap their name in it or flop money in their hands… The act Of making their lunch is so much bigger than that!!!

For tonight he is home and I CAN make his lunch…. So I am celebrating … Are you ??

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