SO many hours of my life spent

daydreaming, picturing my future.

Planning it out moment by moment

 Until suddenly I realize

 time has moved on. Moments have passed…

The dream is gone.

There may be other moments later

but the one I waited for

The one I longed for

The one I saw so vividly in my dreams…

That time has come and gone

How do you find contentment?
How do you find peace?

knowing that beautiful moment you planned

was not meant to be?

How to you appreciate the moment that was there instead

while mourning the one that was lost?

Sometimes Life can be a funny thing and surprise you.

Sometimes it disappoints you

angers you, frightens you, enlightens you…

So what do you make of a moment lost forever?

A memory that can never be changed or undone?

A time you wish you could take back and make better…

Its so easy to say “learn and grow from it”

but, a moment I had been waiting for

a moment I planned for

and dreamed of for years….

Its hard to let go.

Is it possible the lesson in all this…

Is that the moments come and go

plans fail

life lets us down

dreams don’t always come true

but we will always be Me and You.

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