Hummingbirds are buzzing around the farm right now and I am in love.

Every time I am out in the garden, it doesnt matter if its at 530 in the morning or 6pm at night, my little friend flies down and hovers around me until im donw watering.  My new little friend was playing in the water and practically landing on my shoulder just to get closer.  What a magical experience.  I think we need to give him/her a name. 🙂

Astro is a goofy guy.

He is only a month or so shy of being 1year old, so technically in the eyes of Peacock community he was still a baby.  He is hilarious to watch as he begins to make himself comfortable here at the farm.  He checks out everything!  Maxine was gone when we brought them in to the property so suddenly when she showed up in the pen he couldn’t stop checking her out.  Trixie didn’t seem to care much about the new friend in the pen nextdoor at all, but Astro, well he just couldn’t relax until he knew that she was a new friend.  Maxine didn’t even pay attention to him…. poor guy, he tried all the tricks he knew to get her attention too.  He did his backwards wiggly feather shaking dance while clucking like a chicken all around her pen, she didn’t even look up once.  That’s pretty much how Trixie treats him too haha.  She wanders around the farm checking out the plants and bugs and totally enjoying herself… while poor Astro frantically runs from one place to another resembling a roadrunner more than a mature Peacock.  All too often Trixie wanders off in her own direction and Astro panics becuase he cant find her anymore.  He flys up to the highest spot and cries and cries for her… but no response. Trixie just ignores him and does her own thing still despite his frantic cries.  Eventually he finds her, but he looks like a total goofball doing it.

Have I mentioned that Maxine is back??

Man did I miss her! It was so quiet around here!!  I thought for sure she would start crying right away when she came home becuase we got rid of Charleston too and now that she was back she would realize her little boy was gone.  To my surprise she was happier and almost friendlier when she came back than when she left.  She eagerly approched for pets and checked your pockets for snacks.  She didn’t scream like crazy the minute the front door opened… Who was this new Maxine?? I keep looking for signs that she is truly pregnant (I dont know about you but I am not paying for a vet to come out and do an ultrasound unless something seems like it’s wrong) and until yesterday I wasn’t sure I would get one.  Check out this picture!! I know it’s only been a few weeks, about a month maybe a little more to be precise, but I am positive she is filling out already!  She is scratching her belly on everything she can and happily eating everything I toss in her dish… I am pretty confident my ‘mommy’ instincts are correct and come October we will have some little Nubian Kids wobbling around the pen!! This adventure is going to be exciting!

Munch Munch has Friends again!

So a week or two ago the baby chicks little Munch-Munch was fathering were big enough to be moved over next to the main chicken coop… it was time for them to act more like chickens than bunnies.  Let me tell you, if you havent come over and visited… please do so. Munch-Munch makes the best adoptive chick-daddy ever! He snuggles them, preens them, herds them to a safe spot, plays with them… he loves them, truly!  So when I took his babies away I think he got angry because today when I went to plug in our heat lamp I found this:


Thankfully I have a wonderfully useful hubby who spliced the wires and got a new plug connected to the cord and Wa-LA we have heat again!! Just in time too becuase I brough home a handful of these little cuties who I hope 6-7 months from now will lay me some blue eggs!!

Man, I just LOVE their markings!! Too bad they will change as their grown up feathers come in…

My favorite chicken from my childhood was an Americana named Benny… I called *her* a He, even though it was obvious he was a She… looking back on it now, Im not quite sure why I did that.  Anyway, Benny was tame and would happily follow me around the yard. I held {her} all the time, even cuddled {her} like a baby… heck I took {her} to school for some kind of presentation and she just stood there the whole time like a well behaved dog.  I can’t remember for the life of me what project I used {her} for though…

Speaking of dogs… Have I mentioned how grown up Greta is lateley?

Speaking of dogs… The more time Geezer spends out and about on the property, the more I am convinced he thinks he is a dog.  Today he followed me down to the car as I left to run errands and as soon as I drove back in the driveway he came running down to greet me.  And yes, I do mean running.  <3 Him!

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