So Listen, I decided to jump into the world of Real Estate after many many months of praying and discussing with my family what our plan was.  My family has a background being involved in real estate and I’ve always thought it would be something fun that I would be good at. Turns out it can also potentially be the path to bringing my husband home…. which as MANY of you know has been our #familygoal for many many years.

Once we realized this I pressed submit on the order button purchasing a self-study program online to receive my real estate license. Although I knew this was something I wanted to do for my family pressing submit was so hard for me. Committing to this future, this plan and knowing that it is all balancing on my success was so scary…. but 100% worth it.

After months of studying and adjusting my entire schedule to make this future a priority I PASSED!!! I had heard horror stories of how many times people have to take the state and national licensing exam and I was worried. I over analyzed everything. I studied and studied my flash cards.  I almost cancelled my appointment to go take the test but my super supporting and awesome husband encouraged me to just go anyway and see if I pass.

Turns out he was right!


and with flying colors!!

No photo description available.

Man, what a relief this was. I spent the next week feeling so out of sorts and in awe that I was now a Licensed Real Estate  Professional!  The door was not only open but I stepped through!

This was now my life.

YES! Watchout Real Estate World, HERE I COME!

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