It’s in those quiet moments between dusk and darkness that I find peace

walking around the farm making sure everyone has had their evening feed

tucking them in, giving them fresh bedding and water

locking the doors to their pens for the night

Keeping them safe and warm from wild dangers

As I walk around the farm in the evening I hear the crickets begin to chirp

The goat softly chortles in her throat as she watches me eagerly awaiting her late night treat

the pig sings a little song, squealing sweetly as he climbs clubmsily into his doggy house

The hens make soft clucking noises from their roosts as they sit all fluffed up ready to sleep

The peacocks are perched up high, snuggled together comfortably resting up for their next adventure

The babies are all nestled down for the night under the warm rosey rays of the heat lamp with their trusty daddy-bunny close by.

Then the sun is gone and nothing is left but darkness and glimmering sparkles in the sky

the crickets get louder and the hum of the distant freeway carries over the sleeping mountain

the trees gently sway in the brisk evening air as I walk back to the house

I stop for one moment more and look back as a mockingbird calls out in the darkness

He doesn’t seem to care the hour of the evening, serenading with all his might

“Good night friend”,  I say…

Good Night.

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