After spending some time getting to know Baron I feel like he would be a great fit for a lonely elderly person…maybe someone with a handicap… He has that gentle, calm sweet disposition that most trained guide dogs have. First I must explain, I HATE having the dogs in the house. I love snuggling with them if I take a nap and I do love having them in at night…but during the day, with kids running around, toys everywhere and all the chaos…no, dogs can stay outside. But Baron… He has been the exception from day one. I was nervous about our bitchy female Bailey and wanted to wait for Eric to introduce them further before letting him roam out in the yard with them freely…so he spent the rest of the day in the house with me.  To my surprise, I enjoyed it.

He sat there and watched me cook or do the laundry.  He laid on the couch curled up in a little ball or slept by my feet.  He did not anxiously pace the house, whimper or cry.  He was quiet, calm and very patient.  He get’s excited but he doesn’t jump on you he will wiggle his tail a million miles an hour and run in this funny zig zag patter, often times bumping into things, but he has not jumped up on me ever. And although I am happy to let him sleep on the bed with me (and the other two doggies) it would be nice if he had less dreams and we could all sleep peacefully. 🙂


He does not lick like most dogs.  He will get very close to your face and sniff sniff sniff, and yes it does tickle… but very very rarely will he actually lick you. (trust me, my husband has tried lol) He loves people and loves attention but does not push for it like most dogs will. He will sit close to you, but not too close and watch you giving you that puppy dog face begging for love.  If and when he is invited up into your space he is so dainty and gentle with his paws as if he doesn’t want to hurt you.

WHEN he gets excited/anxious/nervous… whatever you want to call it…. he has an Elvis lip that just cant stop quivering. He is such a crack up because his lip goes up and his eyes squint and he lowers his head as though he just cant control it and hes embarrassed. That’s when I know he’s really happy, when he just can’t stop smiling.  How many dogs do you know can smile?

Granted, he is also very good with the kids and lets them pull his ears, shove food in his mouth and even dress him up with dolly hats and necklaces.  I can picture him being good with a very active family as well.  He loves to go new places and sniff all the wonderful new smells…but he needs/wants to be with you.

He is such a sweet, happy fun loving Great dog and I can’t wait to see what new family receives the wonderful gift that is Baron.

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