Well we have introduced a new little man into our home…his name (so they say) is Baron.  He has a sweet face and a very energetic tail.  Here are some pictuers I’ve already posted, but didnt put a caption to and a few that are brand new!

The very first day I brought him home I was worried about leaving him out in the yard while I had chores to do in the house so I decided to let him stay inside with me (something I rarely do) and can you believe he just followed me around and watched everything I did!? As I loaded the dishes into the dishwasher he licked them, just to make sure they were clean. As I stood at the stove and cooked myself some lunch he sat there patiently watching me.  As I folded laundry he laid on the couch watching me with a careful eye, happily relaxing and enjoying being an “indoor dog”.

   While I was working in the kitchen I heard him bumping around the dining table and looked over to see him walking back and forth underneath my bathrobe draped over the back of the dining chair. Some things I just can’t explain, but he sure was cute when he poked his head out and just looked at me like, “what?” He’s such a silly boy.

When my son got home from school he was ecstatic to find a new foster dog in the house! He was full of hugs and kisses for Baron (although he did accidently call him Willy a few times).  Baron however, was full of hearty sniffs for Kaelob. He giggled and squirmed because Baron tickled him every time he’d stick his nose right up to his face and sniff sniff sniff… but he never licked. My husband is determined to get Baron to lick him, although I am very pleased. Anyone who knows me knows that I complain about dogs and their licking, that includes “kisses”. What a good boy Baron is for not giving messy dog kisses! 🙂

Even my 1yr old thinks he is the greatest. Her version of “playing” with a dog however seems to be using him as a stage for her baby doll to dance on. Thank goodness he is laid back and loves the attention- even if it comes from a plastic doll being thumped on his forehead by a giggling toddler.

Although the rescue says they think he is 5, my husband and I have not come to an agreement. My husband seems to think his personality and playful energy proves he is younger but sometimes this goofy boy acts like an old man.  When he gets up from a nap in the back yard he stretches front and back like an old man would.  He is even too lazy to stand up and eat… he sits down…only “old” dogs do that right??? 🙂 He has a few gray hairs, in fact he has a couple speckles on the top of his head that I find myself picking at every now and then as if they are little flecks of white paint… its not paint… they are his very own white freckles on the top of his head. We have decided they add flare to his already spunky personality!

He is FULL of soulful, pitiful, heart wrenching, Love-me looks that make you want to drop everything you are doing to go and comfort him.  Even during the times where I know he is perfectly content in the backyard but he will look up at me because I am clicking away with my camera…there’s that look… the one I can’t deny.

We discovered very quickly that he LOVES the bunnies. We have a few different cages with bunnies in them and he loves to walk by them all. He could sit there all day long and stare at them. I thought he would be totally interested in the chickens but so far the bunnies win by a landslide.

He will be sleeping on the couch and suddently start barking and growling in his sleep… reminds me of Willy so much.  He quiets down a lot quicker though.  He gets SO excited and wants to play with our other dog Hanna but doesnt seem too sure how to go about doing so.  Today they made great progress and ran around a hundred miles an hour through the yard together.  Hanna unfortunately thinks she needs to bark in his face to get him riled up and he doesn’t seem to know what to think of all the noise. He is very anti confrontational. Any time there is barking, fighting or disagreeing of any kind going on he bolts off in the other direction and wants nothing to do with any of it!  He is such a spirited happy “puppy” and I know someone somewhere is missing him dearly.  He knows a lot of the common obedience commands and walks incredibly well on a leash. Someone took time training him.  He does have a shy side and seems to shake and tremble when he gets nervous or excited… and then there is also the fact that he smiles… oh the smiles… click (the face) to watch the video!!

Well folks I think you get the idea… meet Baron.

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