Gambling for a CURE!

Do you work at a business or know someone with connections to get some amazing (and completely appreciated) Auction Items for this years casino night??! Please consider it. I have been working my ass off the last 7 years with the San Diego Chapter PKD Foundation to find a cure for my family so my husband, and children do not ever have to see the day their kidneys look like this! I don’t have a kidney left to give(his father already got that lol), I just have my time and friends to support me…. EMAIL ME if you can help in ANY WAY!!

wine, beer, concert tickets, sports tickets, gift cards hand made items, paintings, photography, jewelry, theme parks, private tours/events…. just take a moment and ask yourself, how can you help??

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    1. Thank you so very much! I hope one day I can provide my father In law with that as well. He has cysts continually developing on his kidneys and liver. So far he is doing really well and doesn’t need it but its in his future . Thank you so much!! We are hoping to reach 100 people at our event this year in June held at the del mar powerhouse! For more information on the event or donations to the auction.

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