As many of you know, Kaelob started playing football for the first time EVER this month.  

I worried and stressed that maybe HE wouldn’t be ready, it never occurred to me that maybe I wouldn’t be ready…

I wasn’t ready for all the uniform details and accessories, I wasn’t ready for the schedule change and all the side effects of two hours of intense exercise, I wasn’t ready for the incredible increase in appetite and the laundry and constant showers or smelly smelly feet! (which already smelled pretty bad to begin with lol)

But guess what!  He was ready.

He dove in feet first and has been running full speed with a smile on his face ever since!

I can’t help but believe that the amazing coaching staff has something to do with it.  It makes me smile every time I see the group of wonderful coaches(dads) taking the time to put a hand on Kaelob’s shoulder or simply explain something a second, third maybe even a fourth time.  In those moments where I see Kaelob getting frustrated or upset and I want to step in as his mom and the “only” person who can understand him… I see someone else, a stranger stepping forward and consoling him and encouraging him.  watching someone else see potential in my child and have the patience to bring out the best in him… realizing that even though there are 26 or so kids on the team these amazing men show love and compassion to each and every one of them… that warms my heart and tells me we are in the right place.

Kaelob has worked incredibly hard these last few weeks!! I am SO proud of him. He has fought through the pain and discomfort of the big bulky pads and the brand new cleats, he has tolerated the uncomfortable mouthpiece and all the hot sweaty practices in the heat of these scorching summer days!  He comes running up to me during each water break huffing and puffing and exhausted, yet he is SO proud of himself and when the whistle blows he jumps right up and heads back onto the field ready to conquer another set of drills!  He is so determined to be the best he can be and his passion for a sport so near and dear to his father’s heart is so sweet to see them share together.

August 19th the La Costa Canyon Pop Warner League is having their annual event called the Fun Run.  It is literally a combination of a Jog-a-thon and a Carnival!! This is the only big organized fundraiser for the entire League so they are encouraging the kids to raise as much money as they can to support their team and the league.  Each player on our team (Junior Mighty Mights) has been asked to raise at least $100 to turn in before the Fun Run that Sunday. I understand this is such short notice, trust me I freaked out a bit when I received the initial email telling the parents this information…


However, I hope that after seeing exactly what this team means to my son and being as proud of him as I am, maybe… just maybe you will be able to donate $10 or $15 to help him earn a prize!  Heck, you can get something out of it too!!! Kaelob has helped me work out a tiered donation plan that goes as follows:

  • $10 a personalized thank you card
  • $15 a hug and thank you card
  • $25 a handmade gift, a hug, and thank you card
  • $50 a photo of “me” at the finish line with medal, a handmade gift, a hug and thank you card.
  • $100 OR MORE Invitation to Join “me” at Fun Run and cheer me on, Photo of “me”, handmade gift, a hug AND thank you card.

Family, Friends…. now is your chance to help this little boy have the BEST first football experience of his life!!!

email me at if you are interested in donating. We have a Paypal link or I can meet up with you this next week.  He’s got 7 days to collect as much money as he can!