So I scoured Pinterest yesterday for some kind of versatile chore chart to use with my family.  I came across a few cute ones I liked… but none of them incorporated everything I needed for our wide range of “chores” here at our home.

I found some unique ideas of using decorated clip boards for each child and hanging them on a nail. Each kid checks off the jobs as they are completed.  I had two problems with this idea; 1. I did not have clipboards, nor the money to buy any. 2. this method required permanently writing the job list down on each clip board to where you would have to make a whole new clip board if you wanted to change up the jobs.  Another idea that I really loved involved something I have plenty of: Clothes pins!!!  There were so many varieties to this idea, write the jobs directly ON the clothespin, decoupage the clothespin then write on it, print up and lamenate written jobs and some clip art images and glue them to the back of the clothes pins OR glue the clothespins to the board underneath each childs name and clip the lamenated strips with writing or images onto them.  These ideas involved an envelope or cup to collect the completed tasks and allowed for variety.  I loved that if I wanted to give Haylee the job of sweeping the hall instead of kaelob I could just switch out the paper clip, or the paper strip…. I loved the versatility!

However, we have a lot of odd ball jobs that are not necessarily chores I feel the kids should have to do every day.  Feeding or cleaning up after the animals are not a requirement for them to show responsibility. It is when its NOT required and they choose to do them anyway that shows incredible maturity and responsibility

Lastly I found a cute idea of using a large picture frame and separating the chore lists between Daily, Weekly and Monthly.  I loved this idea and wanted to tie it into separating the important daily tasks that are common Self Responsibility jobs like brushing teeth and making their bed or picking up their dirty clothes.  These are “chores” I do not deserve reward, but are expected.  As each job is completed a check mark is made with a whiteboard marker on the glass.  AND if you ever wanted to change out the list of tasks to be checked off you just open up the frame pull out the paper and print up a new one. LOVE IT!!

I also decided there would be a list of “Family Chores” Some involve things that are done daily and some are done less often, but are still available to do if chosen.  These chores include sweeping the floor, folding laundry or emptying dishwasher.  I also added in jobs like feeding the goats, letting the chickens out or filling up the pigs water dish to a list of jobs that are not expected but could be done to show responsibility.

In order to display all these “jobs” without it being too overwhelming I decided to use small 4×4 frames (estimating the size… basically- they are square) that I got from the $ section of Target, they do not have glass covers on them but clear plastic; that works just as well.  I pulled the folding thingy off the back of them because I was not going to be using them to stand on a table top and as I sat there staring at them unable to throw them away I realized they would solve my dilemma of “how to hang clothespins from the picture frame!?”  I glued each piece back onto the bottom of the frame so it tangled down like a tie for cloths pins to clip onto: Left side will be the TO DO side and right side will be DONE.  I placed a little paper inside each frame with these Responsibilities listed.  Each time they brush their teeth, make their bed, put away their shoes… and other various tasks I would expect from my maturing children.  Yes, a lot of these “jobs” they already do… that’s the point, I want them to feel like they are getting to mark things off and feel successful. That way when they reach the bottom line and see in order to check off the task “Family Chores” they will need to read the subsequent clothespins I have placed hanging from their frame the night before.  These tasks will be slightly difficult and not so much fun, depending on the job of course.  These are the sweeping, cleaning, feeding animals kinda jobs…

REWARDS you ask ??? They are using check marks to EARN computer time, baking time (where SHE picks whatever crazy whacky recipe shes been dying to make and I actually take the time to make it with her), Kids Pick Movie/.Game time, or their favorite: staying up TEN minutes past their bedtime!!!

Anyway, We also revived the memory of my grandfather today by snooping around his beautiful antique workshop, organized beyond anything I have ever seen!! I opened a file cabinet looking for some knobs and found the entire cabinet was full of filed, alphabetically organized users manuals and booklets for anything he ever owned or did involving his workshop or power tools.  Eric found the screws we needed right away because my grandfather had them separated by size, length width, color… you name it!  I found the PERFECT board to use in amungst a wonderful array of wood and such stacked in the back of his shop just waiting for a fine project like this one.  It warmed my heart to be using his shop and making something for my family that will hopefully become a keepsake that came from his place.

He also had some spray paint, black was the color of choice considering our current interior setup.  I rummaged through Haylee’s dresser for some old pink knobs that had broken off and found three replacement knobs I never used still in the bag WITH the screws!! BINGO. painted everything black then mounted it all on the wall and was ready for the kids when they got home!!

All I need now is a glitter pen or paint pen to write on the clothespins, which I also spray painted black….Not to mention the backpack hanger itself seems kinda plain, maybe Ill write Ranaldi Family on it?? Not sure if I can use some kind of Vinyl rub on type pattern or something, ill have to look into it, but for now its up and being used!!!!


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