First and foremost…if you don’t like sweets or are too much of a health nut to drool anxiously at the sight of chunks of cream cheese in a heaping serving size of double chocolate brownie…


There is nothing “healthy” about this recipe, that is of course unless you choose to substitute applesauce for the oil, but that changes the consistency a bit and trust me there’s enough chocolate and cream cheese in here to undo whatever good substituting out the oil could do for ya.

Just indulge and enjoy!

I suppose, I must also confess that this recipe isn’t exactly “homemade”.  Unless your definition means “it was made at home”.  If so then yes, these lovely brownies are homemade….from a box. 🙂

Let’s be honest, I have three children that were born with super speed and an infinite amount of energy. Oh yeah and not to mention an uncanny ability to painfully pierce my eardrums with just the sound of their voice! (It is a curse I swear…WHY must girls always scream?!!!)…I spend the majority of my day doing 5 loads of laundry and dumping it on my couch, wiping wiggly butts, deflecting snotty fingers in my face, vacuuming up massive amounts of dog hair, sweeping up crumbs and lord know’s what else from my living room floor, and oh yeah bargaining for 2 seconds of me time to sip a now cold cup of coffee… who has time to make things from scratch?!?!



2 boxes Brownie mix

(I am not partial to a specific brand I just got them when they were on sale 2 for $$)

2 Eggs

1/2 C water

1/2 C vegetable oil

One Block Cream Cheese

(again any brand will do)

Mix everything for the brownies in a bowl and pour into greased casserole dish (because I doubled the recipe I used a larger dish than usual so they could be thick and have enough room for the cream cheese)  Dice up the cream cheese into cubes and then sprinkle onto brownie mix. Use spatula to fold into the brownie mix. Bake as directed on the box: 350 degrees for about 30-35 minutes.  Make sure you can stick a knife in the middle and pull it out clean before removing them from the oven.  Let them cool for a few minutes then serve and enjoy!!

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