Yep that’s what I said… 30 photos. so here we go!

1. Flamingo Photo

My family Loves this picture for some reason… we were visiting my grandfathers family in Florida. Apparently I thought the lawn flamingo was real and wouldn’t leave it alone. This photo has been displayed on the diningroom all for EVERYONE to gawk at since before I can remember…

2.  Christmas

This Christmas Photo reminds me of a home video I used to watch that was filmed this same night.

3.  Laundry Helper

I spent many hours this way, following my grandmother around collecting clothes pins and helping fold our laundry.

4.  Fun In Borrego

I remember so many days spent together with my grandfather in Borrego Springs. We hiked up to the oasis, we drove our jeep out to fonts point. we walked to the donut store for donuts and the paper…some of my favorite memories here in this place with this man.

5.  Kindergarten

1989, the day I stepped foot on the bus and headed to my very first class at big kid school. I remember this day and all the others we spent waiting at the bus stop with our goats on dog leashes and jumping roap double dutch style.

6.  Hawaii

My grandfather took us to all of the hawaiian islands over the years. We flew in helicopters over volcanoes, attended nighttime luao’s, chased frogs in the rain, blew conch shells at sunset, snorkled in the shoreline and watched the burning sugarcane.

7.  Fifth Grade Graduation

Oh how many memories come with this evening…

8.  Bathingsuit Time

As long as we had a hot tub, we spent hours in it each evening. My grandparents would make themselves an evening drink and my brother and I would play in the water. Can I just say that little purple ruffle suit is ADORABLE!! (ps I put it on my cabbage patch doll years later)

9.  School Pictures

Man school photos have always been totally cheesy, anyone else remember that uncomfortable wicker chair they used to use??

10.  Donuts

Not unlike my own daughters… my favorite breakfast treat: donuts!


… be continued….

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