Birthday’s are always awkward for me… Im a planner, a social gatherer, and go-getter…but things are SO much easier when they are about others and not myself.

Becoming a mother has only made it worse. I stay busy… constantly… yet when I have a moment to do something for me, I cant think of a darn thing to do.  When I am challenged to name something I do each day to fee myself, I simply think, “Im never hungry”.  You know that moment when it’s been so long since you’ve eaten that you just aren’t hungry any more… that’s me. I know I need to eat, but I am so busy feeding my children, my husband, my brother my granmother and now … complete strangers even….I forget to feed myself.

Anyway my point to this is, on birthday’s or certain days like today, when the celebration and praises are directed my way due to the situation… I just feel awkward.  I can’t plan my own party… I can’t orchestrate the events or gatherings because then it just seems lame and completely focused on myself rather than the true meaning; life.

so let me take you past the wonder and awe of it all and strip it down… it was easy.

If you had medicine that could make someone feel better in your hand and they were standing across a busy street from you. Would you just stand there and watch them get sicker knowing you had what they needed at your fingertips, or would you brave crossing the busy street and bring them their medicine to feel better.  As soon as the blood test came back positive (at that time I didnt eve know that it was a perfect 6 out of 6 match)… the answer was yes.  I couldn’t say no and watch my father-in-law die.  I couldn’t say no and have my chilren watch their Papa suffer, knowing I could have made the difference.  If you had the power to make a difference, wouln’t you???

Here’s the thing, today is a celebration of life and the ability to make a difference.  So you may not be able (or willing) to lay down and give your extra organ’s today, That’s okay, there’s so many other things you could do… and with a heart of giving during this beautiful holiday season.  Nothing would make me happier than to know I coul inspire and impact more than just one person.  With sharing this story each year, Although many of you may not have the opportuntiy to donate an organ, thats okay… but I would hope and pray you might be willing to be tested or advocate for Donate life anyway…

SO, what could you do today in celebration of life?…. Here are some suggestions, feel free to snag a photo and post it so we can all see the impact of one simple decision carrying across many, 5 years later!

  • donate blood
  • take a walk on the beach and admire the beauty
  • hike through nature; take your time.
  • have your dessert before your meal
  • read a good book
  • deliver some canned food to a food bank/shelter
  • donate some toys to a toy drive
  • buy a homeless person a meal
  • help a stray animal
  • happily greet a stranger
  • get crafty and make somehing beautiful to symbolize LIFE.
  • donate $$ to PKD Foundation or DonateLife San Diego in honor of Scott Ranaldi
  • Volunteer to help us make Kidney Kasino 2014 happen! (we NEED help!!!)
  • are you musical? Play some music/sing and celebrate being alive to play!
  • Pick some flowers (or buy them) and place them where you can see them all the time
  • enjoy eating your favorite food, even if its crazy unhealthy!
  • have a beer (its good for your kidneys 😛 in moderation of couse)
  • write a poem? share it with me. I LOVE to read other people’s writing.
  • HUG someone. preferably someone you love and couldn’t live without.
  • SMILE at someone today, light up their world with the joy on your face.

IF you do any of these I would LOVE for you to comment, or send me a photo!

Happy Celebration Of Life Day!!!

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