Well , after striking out with Maxine and our baby watch 2013… we decided to splurge on some feathery little chicks while at the feed store today.

And guess who was a happy camper again!?

MunchMunch 🙂

Silly little guy has been sleeping all day and seemingly bored out of his mind, dare I even say lonely.  Its been almost two weeks since I moved his budies over to the aviary adjacent to the chicken coop and It’s very clear he doesn’t even know what to do with himself when they are gone and missed having little friends to preen and snuggle with.

So now he has little friends back! Im not sure though, if he is happy to have his friends back or happy to get to snack on the chicken scratch again LOL

We picked out four Silkies. a beautiful funky creative combination of silky soft feathers and funky character.  They have feathers everywere, even on their feet! We picked a grey one, a black one, a brown/tan one and this unique little one my son promptly named “Mo”.

And four “regular” chicks. three were rhode island reds (our best layers so far have been reds) and one Americauna; these chicks are adorable as well because they have fluffy little feathers covering their face!

So YAY! We have babies on the farm again!! It was so awesome to go down and do the evening chores tonight and hear their adorable little peeping. Even Lucy wanted to see what was going on!


Keep and eye out and watch them grow!!

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