Let me start with this: who doesn’t love a good snuggle buddy? If you can look past the (adorable) snoring… having his soft little face tucked snugly into your side or his warm little paws resting on your lap… heck sometimes he curls up in a ball entirely on top of you and somehow I don’t even mind.  He is such a big baby who LOVES loves loves to be as close to you as he possibly can and as soon as you let him he falls RIGHT to sleep. 

Sherman LOVES to play!!  He is looking for someone with another dog (or two) that will actually play with him!! Our female shown in this picture (Hanna) has only recently begun to run, wrestle and play with this sweet boy.  He would beg plead whine and bark all up in her face desperately trying everything he could to get her to run and play with him.  The poor sweet baby must have had a good play buddy in his brother whom he lived with in his original home.  He also shared the family home with his mother and father so understanding that he forms a strong dependent bond with other dogs will play a huge part in finding him a new home.  He LOVES human interaction but very clearly seeks out and needs doggy time as well.  I am SO happy to see our Hanna start to entertain the idea of playing with him instead of snarling and snapping him away because it just broke my heart watching him tuck his tail and go try to find something else to do… I would love to see him go to a home with another “playful puppy” whether a 10yr old senior who is young at heart or a well trained youngster looking for a friend to work out some energy with while out in the yard.

He is so energetic and playful. Sherman LOVES the tennis ball or kong toy.  Heck if you throw a frisbee or stick even, he will chase it down and bring it back.  He is amazingly well trained in returning the toy and dropping it immediately at your feet.  His previous owners have noted that he will drop the ball when given the “hand” command of lowering your hand palm up to the ground, but honestly he doesn’t even need it he drops it right away.

Who doesn’t love this face??

If you are looking for company?? If you don’t like being home alone?? Sherman’s your guy.  He will love you unconditionally and stay by your side for as long as you let him!

 Not only does he love to snuggle with my husband and I, he loves to snuggle with the babies!!  Our two year old woke up crying one night and he immediately jumped up and ran to her room very anxious to make sure she was ok. He stood right next to her crib sniffing and trying to see  her. My husband brought her into our room and laid her down in our bed and Sherman jumped up (yes my husband lets our dogs sleep ON the bed with us) and snuggled right up next to the baby… She smiled half asleep and said, “Sherman Loves me” and fell quickly off to sleep again.

Sherman would be a GREAT dog for any boy.  He spends hours following our 8 year old around the back yard.  Whether or not our son has a ball or toy in his hand they will run back and forth around the yard hunting lizards or chasing pretend monsters together.  They are such a cute pair.

Sherman loves babies.  Our two year old is going through a doctor phase and is constantly trying to give everyone a “check up”. She takes random objects like the toy dresser from her dollhouse and holds it up to Daddy’s eye and says she is giving his eye a “check up”. When a two year old says she is taking your temperature you go with it and poor sweet Sherman learned that lesson very quickly.  One day she decided he needed a full dental “check up” and this picture captures perfectly how gentle and patient he was with her.  Despite ramming her fist down his throat, he calmly let her check every tooth in his mouth and seemed to love every minute of the attention!

Yes, yes he is LITERALLY sitting on my lap while I am at my desk trying to work on the computer….he kept nuzzling my elbow and giving me this sweet sad little look on his face begging me to pay attention to him. I gave in and in seconds he was up on my lap giving me kisses.

Look at this face!!

If you love this face as much as I do… contact the California GSP Rescue!!

(I’ve also got to add that he is COMPLETELY OFF any medication the previous shelter had him on and is very obedient and well behaved. He is understandably excited when you first enter the yard to play with him or let him inside the house in the evening, but hey… hes 1year and 4 months old, taking that into consideration he is incredibly well behaved!!  He will whimper and sometimes bark if he can see you inside the house from the yard, or outside on the other side of the fence while he is in the back yard, but responds very well to firm correction and consistency.  We do leave the house for an hour here or there or sometimes an entire day and do not have any complaints from the neighbors, nor do we see him making ANY attempts to escape the property.  We went out of town for one week over 4th of July and despite acting more stressed out due to our absence he still made NO attempts to escape our yard. He shows very little “prey drive” towards ALL our animals-chickens, goats, bunnies, pig- he shows interest but it comes across as simple innocent puppy curiosity rather than intense hunting prey drive! I think he could be a great candidate for a home with cats, however we do not have them to know for certain.  He spends the majority of the day outside in our back yard, from about 6am to about 6pm he is running and playing in the sun and loves every minute of it. Sherman truly is a wonderful dog and could be a GREAT addition to your family!)

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