Ranaldi – Way – Of –  Life

Who are the Ranaldi’s

Married in 2002, we are high school sweethearts who began our life together young and stuck together through thick and thin. He was the football star who went on the play in college.  I was the band nerd who played the flute and yes, I went to band camp!

We have three awesome kids that test our patience daily but we love them! They each have their own personality and MANY of my blog posts come from lessons I have learned while navigating these rough waters of parenting. Stick around because I anticipate these teenage years will inspire a lot more writing!

I grew up on a small farm and have attempted to rebuild that life here in Colorado for my children. Occasionally I post about farm related things on here, but mostly thats on our Ranaldi Family Farm Page on Facebook.

I love to cook and everyone is always asking me for the recipe. I am not so good at keeping or following the recipe but have been making an effort to post them here as well, especially when I find a really good one!

I am an associate broker with EXIT Realty Mountain View. You will find my real estate related blog posts here along with a link to my EXIT powered website.  I work by referral so if you know anyone looking to buy or sell, PLEASE send them my way! I’ll be sure to take great care of them.

My husband’s side of the family suffers from a genetic life threatening disease called Polycystic Kidney Disease. This disease produces fluid filled cysts on the kidneys that cause all kinds of miserable side effects and eventually kidney failure.  The only temporary treatment right now is dialysis or a transplant. You will see posts on here about my activity and support for the Polycistic Kidney Disease Foundation as they are the only non-profit organization out there right now helping find a cure for this terrible disease that my children have a 50% chance of having as well!

Life is crazy and awesome… full of highs and lows. Between kids, animals, real estate and LIFE in general there’s lots to stay entertained.

This is our Life.

The Ranaldi Way of Life.

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  1. I didn’t even know you had one of these…Well at least I haven’t missed too much, seems to be a new addition. It’s actually a good idea.. I think you might have inspired me to follow in your footsteps.

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