So in only a few days Kaelob has reached the teams goal for each player to raise $100 and then some!!  Thanks to a couple generous family members and amazing friends he is inspired to continue on raising money to hopefully earn his very own Ipad!!
Nana asked for a song and Dance, being that she was the first person to generously support him…this is what he gave her
And upon saying he’d thank her by giving her some money back… he says “JUST KIDDING!!!” worried that he would actually have to do it.
Silly boy.

The Paypal link is STILL up if you would like to continue helping him try to raise the most money on he team and win 1st prize!  $5, $10… anything will help!!  GO HERE and scroll to the bottom of the post for the Paypal link.

(PLUS as his mom, I am Lovin the idea of watching him write tons of handwritten Thank You cards!)

Thank You.


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