Well… if you know me at all you know when anyone in my family is sick I worry. I pace, I panic and I worry. I try to keep calm on the outside, in fact my kids have no clue how bad I am freaking out inside. I worry about who will get sick next, how can I make them feel better…what can I do…and eventually I worry about myself getting it too. I actually have to force myself to think about something else or I make myself sick worrying, literally.  Even when a friend posts on fb that they or. Family member is sick….I worry for them. Its irrational I know. I have no traumatic experience from my childhood leading to this….. in fact when I got married I could count on my hands the # of times I had been physically ill in my life….


So anyway follow me here…. while sitting here nervously watching my seemingly healthy 4yr old toss and turn in her sleep bc 5 hrs ago she suddenly threw up her dinner then went back to watching our movie….I am trying to think of anything….anything else but the doom that is tomorrow, sick or not ill be exhausted lol.  So suddely as im praying (I do a lot more of that when n e one is sick too lol) a thought comes to me….

“Think of the power your worry has over u… a strength that comes directly from a mother’s love. Just take. That intensity and multiply it infinitely to understand my love for you…youre Father’s love for you.”

….. Were the words I heard whispered in my heart. And I was filled with peace.  I dont care who you are…athiest, mormon, Muslim, Christian….. whether you believe in Him or not, his love for you is always there. My kids dont fully understand HOW much I love and worry about them when they are sick….aand I am learning I have SO much to learn about Gods love for me….for you….for all of us.

My Sunday will be spent at home on sickie watch, id much rather be going to church, but moments like this remind me that I dont need to GO anywhere to be reminded of His presence In my life and the unfailing strength of a Father’s Love.

Enjoy your Sunday friends, and stay healthy!


◆PS ignore all my typos please its 2am and im using a little tablet lol im not perfect.

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