SO today Kaelob has his very first Scrimmage against another team.  This is not against just ANY team… it’s against his daddy’s old team, the Carlsbad Lancers.  As you could imagine, there is a very definite rivalry going on within our household right now.  Just last night Kaelob reminded us over dinner that “his team is going to beat Daddy’s old team”!

He is so motivated, so excited, so passionate, SO committed to working hard!! Its such an amazing thing to watch!  He is so full of energy and driven to play!  He is one of the first ones on the field and last ones off. He may not understand all the in’s and out’s of the positions or rules of the game, but he is SO eager to learn and isn’t afraid to ask questions when he doesn’t understand something.  Tonight he is determined to help his team BEAT his dad’s old Lancer team. He is loving the challenge, the competition and ALL the Tackling!!  My heart melts every time he completes a pass or block during a drill and he looks around for me and then gives me a big ole grin and enthusiastic thumbs up! <3 I wish it could be this way forever….Here are some recent pictures from practice this last week.


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